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tempe comedy

Beginning Stand-up Comedy Class – Next Free Class: Monday Sept. 8 at 7:30 pm. @ TCA


Tony Vicich This comedy class offers a safe, positive environment where people new to stand up comedy can begin to learn the process. The workshop covers the basics and secrets of writing, rehearsing and performing stand-up comedy. We’ll teach you different ways to write, so that you can always create new material from your experiences. We’ll practice memorization techniques that allow you to remember your show without sounding like a robot. And finally, we’ll do exercises that will help you to turn stage fright into performance power. This class is perfect for aspiring comics, veteran comics who want a refresher, public speakers, teachers, or anyone else who wants to speak better and be funnier. Questions? Email Us or Phone:818-571-JOKE

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Advanced Stand-up Comedy Class – Tues. Sept. 9 at 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM.


Tony Vicich - Head InstructorThis six session standup comedy class allows you to take your knowledge and skill and apply it. You will be onstage every class honing a show that is unique to you. Our graduation ceremony is the “Class Clowns Comedy Showcase” performed at The Tempe Center for the Arts.The session format is as follows. Class one, review previous show and create draft for the next one. First timers are given a unique structure that allows their own sense of humor to shine through immediately. Class two is a writing session. The entire class becomes your writing team and helps you take your ideas and begin to turn them into a show. Class three; you are up on stage notebook in hand. Class Four is locking down your show and beginning to memorize it. Classes five is a dress rehearsal and polish. Class Six: Live show! All shows are recorded and students will receive a copy.

Questions? Email Us or Phone:818-571-JOKE

Long Form Improvisation Comedy Workshop!
Free Intro Class: @ Gangplank in Chandler


kenLearn the art of Long Form improvisation from Ken Ferguson. Ken is a father, husband and Improvisor. Ken has received training at the prestigious Improv Olympics Chicago and IO West (Los Angeles) He has been an ensemble player for several improv troupes and theatres such as Blue Door Theatre, Spokane, Wa. Jester’Z Improv Comedy, Scottsdale, AZ. The Remainders Musical Improv Comedy Troupe, Phoenix, AZ. Valley Fever Improv, Chandler, AZ. Notably, As a founding member, Ken toured with The Remainders Musical Improv Comedy Troupe for 4 years performing in the Toronto International Improv Festival, Austin, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV and throughout the state of Arizona including the Phoenix Improv Festival. Ken Founded EXiT 185 Improv Comedy in 2007. EXiT 185 Improv Comedy has been performing for nearly 5 years locally. In addition, EXiT 185 Improv Comedy was invited to perform in the Annual Phoenix Improv Festival in 2009, 2010, & 2011 where they performed at the Herberger Theatre. Ken also owned his own small stage theatre venue the BlackBox Theatre booking a variety of acts that spanned the full spectrum of the performing arts.

Questions? Email Us
or Phone:818-571-JOKE
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Gangplank Chandler
260 S Arizona Ave
Chandler, AZ 85225

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Learn Sketch ComedySketch Comedy Workshop! Next Free class: To Be Announced
Do you watch shows like Saturday Night LIVE or Mad TV and think, “I would love to try that!” well here is your chance! Join this successful Sketch Comedy Workshop and learn the tricks of the trade from Director Tony Vicich. Work alongside veterans and newcomers and have your ideas and talents take shape. Students from this workshop have gone on to Television roles on Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, National Commercials and Sitcoms. After this 5 week workshop students will perform A LIVE SHOW at Arizonas hottest Theater The Tempe Center for the Arts!

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